August Has No End

The Ninja and Cowboys party. Smids = Ninjas all the way!
Look how tough we are. Its the pink that intimidates you, isn't it?
At the Agrifair. My favourite part, visiting the horses.
Ty and Ked dancing to the honky tonk music.
This was our expression as we watched them.
The loggers rolling! They fell in lots!
A cow is a man's best friend. A tired farm boy sleeping on his cow.
Matt and Lauren in front of the 2010 Olympics countdown!
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Including the 4.2 carat diamond we saw here!
This is where we ate dinner. A really cool atmosphere!
This weekend was a really LONG weekend for me, I had Friday off as well as Monday (B.C. Day). It flew by, as usual. Friday I got to spend time with a dear friend Amanda and her son, Riley. That night I was Spencer and Tyler's date to a Cowboys and Ninja's party that Ty's friends hosted. It was fun to dress up!
Saturday we were supposed to head down with Travis to do some shopping in the U.S of A. However, due to the long weekend border line-ups were 3 to 5 hours long! So Spencer and I headed out to Abbotsford to go to the annual Abbotsford Agrifair where we met Ty and Ked. It is exactly what it's name implies. An agricultural fair. Don't diss it until you've been. It is the highlight for "Abbotsfordians" every summer. There are 4-H set ups displaying only the finest from pigs, horses to llamas. Country music concerts, lumberjack shows and the Fraser Valley rodeo with local riders as well as from the rest of Canada and U.S.A. The fair grounds are typical, over priced food and rides that are sure to line your tummy with grease only to be brought back up again on a sickening and scary (not thrill) ride. The night ends with fireworks!
Sunday was a great day. The weather was back to August feeling and Matt and Lauren came to spend the day with us. We ate lunch then headed into downtown to window shop. The Pride Parade was on that same day and the city was sporting its pride in rainbow everything. We walked around being tourist in our own city. It was so fun, we went out to a restaraunt that belongs to Vancouver only then watched a movie and played cards. (For the record, I won. :) hehe )
Monday was a great day of relaxing. We slept in, went in the pool, ate dinner at mom and dad smids and saw a movie with Dave and Whit.
Now we are just beginning the works week and tomorrow is Wednesday already! What a great feeling!
Spencer and I have both felt so blessed this weekend. Just being surrounded by friends and family. We love you guys all so much!
Until next weekend,
the Smids

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