Summer Nights

Playing "Life" outside by candlelight!

Spencer, Tyler, Travis and I went to the Lions game tonight.
This last week flew by! Again. Filled with work mostly and also lots of excitement! On Wednesday I got a new bicycle. It is a green "cruiser" bike. Which means it isn't fancy, just for riding. It's got one gear and peddle brakes! It looks retro and I love it. I have been riding it to work and it brings much joy to my day!
Also, my all-time favourite band, Hanson is coming to Vancouver. Now, if you do know them, don't laugh. If you don't, then listen! They are a group I have liked since I was 9. They have matured just as much as I and are now men, not "teeny boppers". Anyway, needless to say I am VERY excited, as I never thought I would see this day!
Thursday night our friend Jessi came over to visit. We caught up, hung out, walked to get coffee and played Life by candlelight. Great Evening.
Tonight we went to the Lions game, versus the Winnepeg Bluebombers. We won!!!
It was a night honouring Bob Ackles (the GM) who died suddenly. It was special and I felt really honoured who he was and his family that was there. Great time with Ty and Trav.
Spencer and I like to pack our weekends full, as this is the time we both have off together! We like to make the most of it. We feel so blessed. When we were first married, we both had crazy and opposite schedules, so we are LOVING having evenings and weekends together.
You will have to wait until next week to hear about the rest of our jam-packed weekend!
For now, Spence and Miche

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