End of June and July so far

Our dear family friend, Larry, hard at work at Semiahmoo House.
Megan, my friend from Abbotsford, came for a visit! We had fun having our girl talk on the beach!
Up at Camp Kawkawa. We burned a pile of junk. The boys fought the fire. Walking in their brother's footsteps....

Edolbina came and spent her last two days in Canada with us before jetting off to Australia for school!
Keddi-Anne looking drop-dead gorgeous at her prom. Look how they adore each other!
My dad gave Spencer a new toy to keep away our 'coons. He has been practicing almost every night!
BBQ and pool party at Ma and Pa Smid's!
So this is our life so far....
Summer is here and the BBQ's, pool party's, beach hang-outs, patio-furniture, reading books by citronella candle days are in full flight! Our skin is getting dark, Spencer's hands are calloused from hard work, and well, my skin is getting darker from long days in White Rock with my work. Tough life hey?
Our weekends are precious as those are both mine and Spencer's days off and we are trying to pack each one to the fullest. This last weekend we were up at camp, then watched the Tour de Delta with family and friends, and Angela and I spent Sunday after church at the Ladner Market, then to Ma and Pa Smid's for a BBQ for Teresa's farewell. As you can see, life is good!

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