Camping in July

The area we stayed in was so nice. This is the creek we camped by.
Glamour shot.
Gabrielle contemplating life's mysteries...
Chillaxin' by the fire. See the moustache?
This is the creepy van we saw...
Angela looks like a little explorer. Checking on the creek.

Walking back from the river to the campsite. See the slingshot in Spence's back pocket? That's where it always is!
On Saturday we went out East for a night. We stopped by to see Ma and Pa Heinemann and see Papa John. Then Angela picked us up and we headed up to just past Hope to camp for our friend Elger's birthday. We camped right beside a creek (the best lullaby), and near a river. The water was REALLY cold, but refreshing. It was a weekend of relaxation and a good time with friends.
What a beautiful province we live in! We were surrounded by gorgeous landscape all weekend. We took advantage! We went walking up the creek, exploring the area, (We found an abandoned van where it looked like someone had been squatting a while ago. Creepy.) and BBQ-ing smokies.
Hope you all had a good and relaxing weekend as well!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend, hear the tent was just a little squishy :)
    Love your blog.


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