One Crazy Weekend.(warning: lots of pictures!)

Aiden, Ty's little friend, was a great help with the pinata!
Playing Bocce ball, its becoming a tradition after family meals.
This is what happens when you horse around... you fall in the pool!
So we ALL warmed up in the hot tub!
This is the group of us who went to the fireworks on Saturday night.
Couple swap! Goofing around under the arch at the New West Quay.

Ahoy matey! Me thinks I see two people in a fake boat!
Photo shoot with one very serious Simon Fraser.Tyler with his awesome firetruck cake that Keddi made with her sister, Brittany.

The three of us all wore scarves. Great minds think alike!Keddi-Anne and I tried on the Justice Institute hats in the "gift shop".
Cutting the cake. Their class name was "Trail Mix 66", thanks to Tyler.
And you're never to big to hold Mom's hand!
At the New Westminster Quay, trying on hats!

Entering the ceremony. They were lead by a bagpiper!

Receiving his diploma
The lovely couple, what's it like to be a firefighter's girlfriend?
Three out of four of the boys - missed you Travis!

Alright, alright, I KNOW there are a lot of pictures, but it was one JAM PACKED weekend. Again, a great one. It started off Friday with Tyler's graduation from the Justice Institute as a firefighter. An exciting day for the Smid family. :D We went back to Howard and Diane's house for a surprise BBQ that Keddi-Anne orchestrated with all Ty's friends and some family. He had no idea. In the meantime, we had to stall him so we went to the New Westminster Quay. Which wasn't as much fun as we had remembered when we were kids, but we MADE it fun! We took lots of pictures and goofed around.
Our friend Angela was out for the weekend, which is always a treat, and we had lots of fun with her as well. Saturday morning Keddi and I went shopping downtown. It was great to be with her one on one and get to know her better. She is a great shopping partner! Look forward to more trips. Then we and our guys, friends Liv, Megan, Angela, Michelle (our roomie) and her brother and sister went to the HSBC Fireworks show downtown. What a fun night.
Despite such a busy and fun weekend, Spencer and I were both SO thankful to just spend today relaxing. We were both feeling not so good today (I think our late night and busy weekend caught up to us) so we slept in, watched a movie and took a nap. It felt so good to do nothing, as much as we both love to do something!
Hope you all have a good week, and if you get the long weekend enjoy and be safe!
Many blessings and much love,
Spencer and Michelle

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