Style Post:Holiday Glam!

Tis the season 
for holiday parties,
special date nights,
performances and 
family get togethers.

The time we spend
dressing up and going out
is at an all time high
the month of December.
For some,
there is delight in the wardrobe
changes and excuses to get all dolled up.
For others, it can be daunting
coming up with a new outfit
or look for every occasion.

Thankfully Kenna
is here to help us!
She was kind enough to 
guest post on Just An Ordinary Family
and give us a make up tutorial
to put together a beautiful, simple 
holiday look for whatever occasion you
are attending.

What I love about 
the look Kenna has put together
for us is that its not overly done up.
It is simple, yet classy and glamorous.
Perfect for date night and a family reunion.

Watch Kenna below to see how she does it! 

Below are a list of the products Kenna used,
with the link on where to find it.

Thank you Kenna for 
your excellent tutorial.
For more information on
Kenna's Younique products,
you can find her on Facebook
or at her Younique website.

I am a wife and mother to two sweet boys. I am a lover of all things beauty and have a true passion for enhancing women's natural beauty with the power of makeup.

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