Style Post: Easy and Elegant Twist

If you're anything like me,
you understand how hard it can be 
to find the time for yourself in the morning.
Realistically, I am not going to 
be getting up an hour before everyone
else in my family every day of the week just to do my 
hair and make up.
I love my bed too much.

Some days a messy bun has to cut it.
Other times, I can spare an extra moment to
do something that looks a bit more put together.
This easy style takes just a couple of minutes
and the results are usually pretty good!

The twist at the front gives 
it just a touch of elegance to pass
of an effortless, yet effort-full, look.
Isnt' that what we always strive for?
We want to look like we tried,
but not too hard.
Women are a contradictory,
aren't we?

Here it is, broken down step by step.

Step 1: Start with clean, brushed, unstyled hair.

2. Part your hair slightly two one side. Take two one inch pieces of hair side by side. 

3. Begin to twist the hair together, overlapping one piece with the next. Adding another one inch piece of hair as you go along the side. Secure it with pins just behind the ear. Repeat on the other side.

 4. Hold both pieces in the back and gather them together. With one hand, twist the hair into a bun and secure with elastics.

5. Tuck in any loose pieces with pins.

6. Voila - you're done! Quick and easy!

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  1. lovely Michelle, you are a beautiful lady inside and out!


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