It's Friday!

1. Just to kick off your weekend with some tears, here is an adorable and heart wrenching video by EllenTV
2. What's your Canadian nickname? Mine is Steve Plaid. 

3. What's your word for 2016? Mine is LOVE. Interesting, because my promise for the next three years is to learn how to LOVE myself, LOVE my husband and LOVE my kids better. It has been a great learning curve this past year, and I can't wait to see where next year takes me on my journey of LOVE.

4. Keeping girls in school? Yes please! Empowering young women? Absolutely. Could this pair of panties help change the world for some young women? I think it just might.

5. The wives of the Princess Patricia's Regiment perform the Bryan Adams song Ric-A-Dam-Doo. Their voices along with the pictures is incredibly touching and a perfect tribute this Remembrance Day.

6.Vancity Buzz put together a list of things to do in Vancouver this Christmas season. We are taking the girls on the Polar Express (not listed here) to meet Santa. Some other things I'd like to do are take them to the Rogers Santa Claus Parade downtown, skating at Robson Square and maybe even Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge. Some other things we will be doing here in our own town is the Christmas Tree lighting in the village and watching the caroling ships, which we can do from our living room window!

(Photo of Robson Square at Christmas via insidevancouver.ca)

7. Last week everyone was talking about our New PM's move to have 50% of the cabinet be women. When asked about this he was now famously quoted, "Because it's 2015." Although I love that he doesn't care what people would say about having half the cabinet be women, what does shock me is that this is even a big deal at all. Why is it even a question to have half the cabinet be women? Why does it even dignify an answer? Who cares if most of the cabinet is women? I don't consider myself a strong feminist at all, but I do strongly believe this shouldn't matter. He is right, it is 2015, surely Canada has moved beyond this issue. Sadly, by the reactions to his move, it shows we aren't and feminism will be a thing until there are equal rights for women across the world without any questions at all. My only opinion on the matter is that as long as PM Trudeau chose his cabinet based on their level of competency, than that is fantastic. We are moving in the right direction that we have a PM that sees women in the same light as men. 
What do you think about his decision? 
Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

8. I saw this video last week where 6 photographers capture the same man with drastically different results. It shows how strongly our perceptions of people are, and how much the effect us. It definitely gave me some insight! 

9. I just ordered these books for each of the girls for Christmas. We were at our friends place and their daughter had one. It was so cute and Claire loved reading it. 

10. An finally, a sweet treat to make this weekend. Pair it with a coffee and Bailey's and you've got yourself a warm, wintery dessert!

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