Holiday Gift Guide:

You asked,
we got it!
Introducing to you
a Holiday Gift Guide
from Just An Ordinary Family!
Is your family funny, quirky,
sentimental and hard to shop for like mine?
Then this should help you out.
We will be helping you shop for
your parents,
your brother,
your sister,
your best girlfriend
and then a special list for all the last minute shoppers out there!

Parents can be tough to shop for.
They are at an age
where they can buy whatever they want,
and all they really want is to be with you during the 
holidays anyways.
Here are some ideas to gift to mom and dad this year:

1. How about a charitable donation in their name? Compassion has a fantastic catalogue of items from water and sanitation for $23 to a bigger ticket item like a playground for $116. There are many places to give, all you have to do is choose. What I like about Compassion, is that you can print or send a card that lets the person know what you have gifted in their honour.

2. A personalized crib board, for road trips and tea dates together at home. 

3. Are they grandparents? How about a personalized calendar filled with images of their grand kids?

4. A framed photo from the past. Their wedding photo, or one from when they were dating or a family photo from when you were all much younger. 

5. The gift of your time. Plan a day together to go do something together. You could do a cooking class together, go for dinner and a movie, find something fun going on in your city like a Christmas market. Have you been to Vancouver's Christmas Market, made to resemble the German Christmas markets? 

6. A basket of goodies. Their favourite magazines, books by their favourite author, coffee, tea, mugs and a cozy blanket. 

Try this blanket, these mugs for mom and dad,
 perhaps some of this small-batch local coffee and these chocolates to go with.

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