Women In Business: Whitney Dyck, stylist

Here at Just An Ordinary Family
we want to highlight and celebrate
women who have made something for themselves.
Today's lady boss is someone very dear to me,
which makes this post extra special.

Whitney and I have been friends for a long time.
We met through my husband and I immediately wanted to be her friend.
Whitney has been styling my hair for about 8 years
and I completely trust her with every hair on my head.

A cut and style for our Claire Bear

Whitney has many talents;
she can sing like an angel,
she is hilarious and quick-witted.
She has impeccable style,
is a great wife and mother
and is constantly pushing me and encouraging me in my roles
as a wife and a mother.

Short styles (photo credit for the first photo: Stephanie Glasgow

On top of that all she is a hair stylist. 
She has always been able to balance owning her own hair business
and holding a full time job.
Once she had her son things changed, naturally.
She wanted to find a way to be with him 
as much as possible.

I am so proud of her for taking a step of faith
and launching her hair business.
It has allowed her to be at home 
for the majority of the time, 
and also allowed her to
work and be creative in her salon.

Hair and make up style

Read on below to hear 
how she manages to balance all of her roles,
who inspires her in her work
and what her favourite trends are right now!

Just An Ordinary Family: Being a wife, mom and owning your business is a lot to juggle. How do you manage all three roles?
Whitney Dyck: Sometimes I don't do it well!  I wish I was a better juggler, but ultimately I try and place things in the right order: Wife & Mom first, Stylist second. I have a great husband who tackles our home life and parenting duties right alongside me, and I work part-time - quite a nice change from what I am used to!

JAOF: You don't work out of a conventional hair salon; how does your space work for you?
Whitney: I have an in-home studio that works really well for what I need. We renovated a functional salon-type space last summer and it has been perfect for my business. Unlike a typical salon, there aren't several others having their hair done simultaneously, so it's pretty peaceful - and the garden view helps with that!
JAOF: Who inspires you in your work most? Is there a mentor or particular stylist that you follow?
Whitney: I follow several stylists via social media, but I suppose my favourites would be Leonardo ReDavid, Vancouver based stylist and creator of ReDavid Styling products (my favourite line to use in my studio!) and Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist and former What Not To Wear stylist.  

JAOF: What was it that encouraged you to take the leap to doing hair full time?
Whitney: The main reason I decided to go into business on my own was my strong desire to stay at home with my son as much as possible while he was still so young. My family and friends were instrumental in encouraging me to 'take the leap' and without their support and shameless promotion I wouldn't have been able to make it work!  

JAOF: What kinds of things do you do to keep on top of the newest trends in hair?
Whitney: I find Pinterest to be an endless source of creative ideas! I also enjoy online tutorials and finding inspiration from other stylists. 

JAOF: Having all of the roles you do, how do you make time for yourself? What kinds of things do you do just for you?
Whitney: I'm aware that my load is relatively light compared to lots of working moms out there. I have one son I get to care for and a job I love to do - not to mention a great support system! Ideally, time for myself includes a glass of wine, a good book and a bubble bath...pretty please! 

JAOF: What 3 pieces of advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?
Whitney: 1) Be realistic about your abilities, expectations and commitment.
  - What can you offer? Is it worth what you're asking? Are you willing to see it through?
2) Under Promise, Over Deliver
- Clients need to feel that they are getting more than they expected!
3) Social Media is your friend.
- Use your online network to grow your business and offer incentives to those referring you. Be worthy of other's promoting you and make sure your existing clients feel appreciated for their business and referrals.

JAOF: Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?
Whitney: I would like to expand my business enough to work with an esthetician partner and offer more salon services. I enjoy the wedding and special event side to my business and would love to see that grow further - I have 5 weddings booked this summer and hope that could double next year! 

Nice, subtle ombre 

Whitney has been kind enough to offer
Just An Ordinary Family readers
$10.00 of any colour service for the  months of May and June!
Simply mention this post when you book your appointment.
Whitney's full list of services is available on her Facebook page.

To book your appointment
you can reach Whitney
by email at
calling or texting her at
604 838 8610.
You can also send her a private message on

Don't forget to Like her page for updates, future promotions and new styles!


  1. Great feature, Michelle. Whitney is the best stylist ... ever. :)


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