Women In Business: Mary Ann Burrows

Here at Just An Ordinary Family
we like to celebrate 
women who have ventured out 
on their own and become their own bosses. This looks different in various fields
and today we are excited to share with you
a local artist Marry Ann Burrows.

Mary Ann used to own a local
kitchen and garden gift ware company
 called Mudler & Co. Marketing Inc.
After a number of years, Mary Ann
decided to change courses and pursue her passion for painting.
She now has a studio called the Sandiacre.

Mary Ann won second place 
in the Neward National contest 
for her encaustic painting titled 'Vancouver',
pictured below.
Photo courtesy of Sean Hitrac 
Not only did Mary Ann 
pursue her passion in painting,
she also is the founder of a non-profit
organization called Artists in the Village.
Mary Ann felt that there was something missing within the core of this amazing little village. 
She wanted an opportunity for visual artists to connect, share, support each other and grow, 
that included all forms of visual artists; the younger generation as well as the working and established ones.   
She wanted a place where we could all learn from each other.
  She also saw the missed opportunity and potential  
for our little town to create this wonderful artistic identity.
 Mary Ann found some amazingly creative people like Megan Anderson (of the Upstart Crow), 
and other local artists that felt the same way,
 and on September 25, 2014, Artists in the Village was formed.
One of them you may remember from a
recent post we did about Ali from Bella Photography.

You can follow Mary Ann Burrows
through her website and blog.
You can also connect with her through Facebook
or contact her by email or phone. 

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