Jane : 6 Months

Jane at 6 months.
And now she is almost 7 months.
These photos have been sitting on my camera for almost a month!

Jane at 6 months grew in many ways.
She got her first tooth just a couple of days before she was 6 months
and her second one a week ago.
She learned to sit up and started eating solids.
She also is starting to babble saying "da-da" and "na-na".
Not in any association with the people
but more in that she is learning new sounds.

She moved into her own crib
in her own bedroom.
It took her a while to adjust to sleeping upstairs
and has still only spent two complete nights in her bed.
She still ends up in our bed on her first or second awakening,
but it doesn't bother us at all.

She is still very ticklish on her sides
and also will hide her face and play peek-a-boo,
its her favourite game.
She has started playing shy, even to those she knows well.
The last month she has become quite the Mama's girl
not wanting me to be out of her sight even for a moment.
This has made some things challenging,
especially simple tasks like clearing the table
which takes me into the kitchen for a moment and of course,
going to the bathroom alone.

Jane still completely admires and tolerates her older sister.
They play together so well and I don't have to worry (as much)
leaving them in a room alone together for a short period of time.
The novelty of Claire holding her baby sister has only slightly worn off.
Claire absolutely loves being a helper to me
and we often have conversations reminding her who is Jane's mommy.
In the morning Claire crawls into bed and we cuddle.
Then she takes of Jane's pajamas and changes her diaper
entirely on her own.
Yes, she does this at three years old, and does it well.

When I think of Claire as a baby,
she never really seemed like a baby.
She was also so active and talkative and 
although she was tiny she was so bright.
Jane is so content, loves to be cuddled and she 
seems to be in this baby phase much longer.
Only recently have I looked at her 
like she has grown out of being a little baby,
even though she weighs the same as Claire did at one years old! 

Jane loves bath time and hates getting out of the bath.
She is so cuddly and content. 
She is willing to just lay in my arms with her arms around my neck
and put her head on my chest or shoulder.
It is so sweet.
Jane also loves to nurse.
Although it has slowed down since she has started solids,
she will bounce up and down and say "ah ah ah!" when 
I start getting ready to nurse her.
Then she moans and "num num num" while nursing.
She is a noisy nurser.
She also has the one foot straight up holding on while she does.

It is so fun watching her little personality bud.
Although she is still our sweet content baby
she isn't necessarily quiet anymore.
She will squawk when she's bothered,
she cries hard when she is scared
and lets us know when she's hungry squawking for food
as we are feeding her.


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