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Today we are featuring another amazing Woman In Business. This time it is a personal friend of mine. Codi-Lynn is the little sister to one my best, and definitely one of my longest, friends. Codi-Lynn and I have known each other for about 15 years. It has been so amazing to watch her grow (along with me, she is only two years younger than I am) into a Godly woman, wife and mother. 

This girl absolutely amazes me! She is quite honestly one of my inspirations to transform this blog into a lifestyle  blog. Codi-Lynn should actually wear a super hero cape because I don't know how she does it all. She is a wife to a sweet, genuine and all around pretty awesome guy and mother to two adorable kids.You will read her story below, but I have to add for myself that Codi-Lynn went off her mat leave back to work AND back to school for graphic design. Not only is she managing those two roles, plus being a wife and mommy, but she also has her own blog and is now an intern for Boombaloo magazine! Ah-maz-ing.

I will let Codi-lynn tell you her story:

Hi! I am Codi Lynn, a wife and mother of twothough there is much more to me than that. Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to "be" and where I wanted to "go" with life. My constant has always been my faith in God and knowing that he has the pen that writes the story to my life. Don't get me wrong, there have been times in my past where my faith has been stronger and more vibrant than other times, but I could always be peaceful with the knowledge that He has a plan for me, even if I don't have a plan for myself. 

Becoming a wife and a mother to my son Ezra, aged three at the time, changed me for the better in more ways than one. I adore my family and every bit of joy that they bring to my life. My husband and I met at a birthday party of some mutual friends, and though we never actually had a conversation that night the sparks were flying. We connected shortly after this outing and our love from each other continues to grow. After six months of marriage we became pregnant with our daughter Sophie, my time on maternity leave with Ezra and Sophie made me grow in my independence and strive for a career path to explore my creative side. I had decided that I wanted to go back to school and pursue graphic design.

While away on a family vacation that summer I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to start a blog. My blog would be a way to get connected with like-minded individuals, and learn from other hard working small businesses owners all at the same time–Creative Wife + Joyful Worker was made. Though these were some of my original thoughts and reasons for starting my blog, it has ended up turning into something much bigger—much more valuable. I have built relationships with mothers that I otherwise would not have been able to, this community means so much to me now and has been a continuous blessings and outlet of resources to get reassurance and helpful tips while parenting.

Graphic Design school started just after my maternity leave ended, my son started kindergarten, my husband switched jobs, and I started work again part-time. It was a world-wind. My husband and faith have been my rocks through all these changes and a lot of the time I get asked how I do it, that is how in a nut shell. The support from family, friends, community and fellow students has been incredible, I know that I can not do everything on my own and I  continually learning to not carry every task on my own but to seek help from those who love me.

While in school I wanted to learn and grow my design skills even more by working for a small business. I wasn't sure where to start but had heard some friends mention different internship programs. One afternoon I was browsing Spruce Collective and picked up a Boombaloo Magazine, it was then that I knew I wanted to intern for a magazine, and not any magazine, this magazine. I was immediately drawn to the Boombaloo brand and how they presented themselves.

It took a bit of guts and an email to the founder Natalie and I landed a spot as her intern graphic designer. I have worked on a couple jobs for Natalie so far and loving the experience and kindness she has shown me. 
I have plans in the nearish future to open up a small shop of my own as well, though the planning and process of opening a shop has proven to be a longer process than expected. I believe though, that when it is meant to happen it will. For now I am enjoying my courses and seeing where I can go and what I can learn from the ladies at Boombaloo. 

Most nights are spent on schoolwork. It is very consuming and takes up a large portion of my time. At work I spend my hour lunch break at Starbucks mostly working on homework or a blogpost. I like to switch it up to create diversity and I find that the option of both create venues that I love keeps each day an exciting project. I absolutely love my schoolwork and my blog so the work does not seem like work. I get excited for my lunch hour to start or finish up a project or current post, loving what you do is at the utmost importance. This is also something that I hadn't realized so much until I actually started working on things that I love.

I am daily inspired by my friends and family. I have a love for photography and seeing the beauty in all things. I follow a number of bloggers, small business owners, photographers and stylists on Instagram and find it to be my favourite avenue for inspiration and well as communicating with these like-minded creative individuals. I find my head over flowing with ideas while in class working on projects and I am in the works of starting a company of my own. I am so excited for this new venture. If you are interested in learning more about me, following my story, and connecting with me through a social network... come say hi and don't be shy.




Codi-Lynn won High Street's Ugly Sweater Contest this past Christmas! Aren't they too cute? 
Check out the rest of the photos on her post here.

Thank you so much for sharing about your experience in your many roles!
We pray that you are blessed with lots of energy, good nights sleep,
grades that reflect your hard work and talent and lots of hugs and kisses from your family!
Keep up the hard work!
We can't wait to see what else God has in store for you!

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