5 Months

This is the highlight and dread of every month. 
It has been fun chronicling Jane's growth in photos.
Taking pictures of her growing up and out.
Those rolls, double chins and elastic band wrists.
Throughout the past 5 months some things remain the same.
Her eyes sparkle, her crooked grin,
and her funny sense of humour of laughing when her sister gets in trouble.

Her laugh is more of a chuckle and it turns any bad mood around.
She is different than her sister in many ways.
She drools so much. She is plump, she wears clothes that her age to size, 
sometimes even bigger. 
She sleeps like a champ, takes a bottle and once in a while a soother.

It constantly amazes me how different it is being a second time mom.
Jane was in our bed since day 1 and I didn't feel any guilt.
She has her own bassinet that she sleeps in for the first part of the night,
but after her first feeding she snuggles right in beside me on my arms, one hand on my breast.
I love it. I love stirring awake and taking a big whiff of her baby head.
These days go by way too fast and I know that now so I savour it all.
My instincts are much sharper and I listen to them much better now.
Before I was worried what people would think of my parenting style.
We never read baby books about sleeping and eating, I always just went along with Claire's cues.
Now I do it again, this time knowing its what works best for us.
I have spent all my parent-book reading now with a toddler.

That desire to nibble her arms and thighs take me over and I do it.
The urge to hold her just a little bit longer, I give in to it.
Sitting with a cup of coffee and just staring at her as she plays with her sister,
I stare, I watch, I smile.

This mom-of-babies-life is going too quickly.
I could waste this blog lamenting about that.
Instead I am going to share with you the thousand and one photos
I took the other day when Jane went from being 4 months old to 5 months old.

Does anyone know how to freeze time?

PS: I Love that it took me a day and a half to blog this post because my babies need me. I hope they always need me in some way or another. 

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  1. When they suck on their own toes, I just melt. Love it, Friend! We need another date when we get back!


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