The Wiebe's Are Home!

You know you're good friends
when you can go an entire year without seeing each other,
yet pick right up where you left off.
Did I mention that before the last time I saw Andrew and Edol,
they had been gone a year before that too?

But this time was different...
this time they came home with a baby!
I was so delighted to meet Ariel.
Edolbina, Andrew and Ariel have been
living in the Philippines (where Ariel was born)
where Edolbina is training to be a midwife.
They came home on her break from school
and proudly introduce their son.
They have been here just over a month, 
head back in a couple of weeks already.

I am so thankful we get to text each other! 
It makes the kilometers between us shrink considerably.

Cooling off...

Ari's first chiropractic adjustment.
His facial expression cracks me up, but he had a big smile afterwards!

Of course, our baby lover holds the baby.

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