A couple of weeks ago we went camping at Point Roberts.
Just a hop, skip and a jump away from our house, but felt like another world.
We went midweek so it wouldn't be busy, 
and Spencer was also able to commute easily to and from work.

The days were spent reading books on a blanket,
playing games, colouring,
C riding her bike and before we knew it Dad would be back.

The evenings were gorgeous.
We would sit on the beach, throw rocks in the water.
Look for seals and whales
and watch the sunset.
We even saw a nest of tiny baby birds and 
were able to watch the mama bird bring food back to her babies.

We were gone for two nights.
And yes, I slept willingly on a blow up air mattress at 33 weeks pregnant.

Roasting wieners, campfire bans don't stop us
(thanks Mom and Dad!)

Claire with her walking stick.

Action shot! 

She loves her new shirt from Maddie.

Enjoying the view... or napping?

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