The First One Out

Sweet baby
Olive Parker
was the first one to arrive
out of all the pregnant mamas we know
that were due within a month.

She was born last Wednesday,
April 2,
and came quite fast! 

We are so thrilled for Marissa, Jordan and big sister Lola.
It was so, so hard not to book a plane ticket
to go and meet her.
Pictures will have to suffice for now.

My sister-in-law Lauren is officially over due.
We are so excited to officially be auntie, uncle and cousin.
I have had my phone by my side just waiting for that 
"We're at the hospital!" text! 

This was her and I at 39 weeks and 14 weeks.

Our own little baby is growing like a weed!
Its the size of a navel orange from head to bum.
It is starting to move a lot.
It started out with those beautiful little flutters,
and now I can feel rolls and kicks.
Last night I don't know if it was something I ate or what,
but it was wiggling around for over an hour!
It is my favourite part of pregnancy,
and certainly makes these waves of nausea easier to handle.

Spencer and I went on a date night Saturday 
and saw the Grand Budapest Hotel,
a Wes Anderson film.
It was so quirky and hilarious,
true to his style. 
We are turning into such old people,
the movie ended at 10 and we went right home to bed.
Hey, at least we spent the evening how we wanted to!

Sunday after church we spent the afternoon with 
Jeff and Michelle at Granville Island. 
We get to see Michelle often, but because Jeff works
evening and weekends I feel like I hardly ever see him.
It was so nice to spend time with them,
wandering around and exploring.

What have you been up to?
Has Spring sprung where you are?
What have you been doing to enjoy the nicer weather?

We got our grill up and going yesterday,
BBQ salmon on the menu tonight. 
This week we get to snuggle a new baby, Harrison,
today we hung out with Jameson,
and this weekend is jam packed with bridal shower 
for my soon to be sister-in-law! 

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