For Her Names Sake

Today would have been Grandma Claire's 83rd birthday.
Yesterday it was 14 years since her death.

I never got to meet Diane's mom, but she is spoken highly of by her
 kids, grand kids and those who knew her.
From what I've heard she was sweet, fun and full of spark.
Sound like another Claire you know?
I have heard her cookies were amazing, she rode her bike,
cheered on her grand kids at their games
and always walked into the house saying "yoo-hoo!"

We chose to name our baby after her not only because we love the name,
but because of who she was.
Someone who loved Jesus, loved her family and lived life to the fullest.
From the stories I have heard, I see similarities between the two.
Also in their looks - bright eyes (Claire actually means bright),
and a smile that seems a little mischievous.

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