A Penguin Video For You

Things are looking pretty Christmassy here!
The tree is up,
Christmas shows are on,
we went to the Ladner Christmas tree lighting a couple of nights ago and saw Santa.
Its so fun this time of year with a two year old. 
She is actually getting it all.
She can tell you pieces of the Christmas story,
especially how scared the shepherds were when they saw the angels. 

The other night at the dinner table she was telling Spencer how she saw Santa
(a statue in the Telus store window).
Anyway, it came out that Santa watches to see if you're good or bad.
Her jaw dropped and she had a look of total bewilderment and surprise.
She said, "What?!"
It was so funny!
Kind of like, 'You're telling me this NOW?'

Claire meeting Rudolph.
She was so excited.

 Listening to the concert.

Decorating her gingerbread man.

Are you surprised to hear that Claire went right up to,
and then onto,
the concert stage?

Tonight Spencer put up the Christmas lights!
Our halls are officially decorated! 

Claire loving on Jamie.

And finally,
I saw this video of this happy little penguin in the snow.
I wish I could share his pure joy of the white stuff.
I love how he is just dancing and running in it.
Tell me its not cute, just try and tell me.

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