Energy Bites

These are basically like a granola bar as a  ball. Super easy to make and very versatile! 

I found that after mixing there were too many dry ingredients. But I'm also not one to measure, I eyeball pretty much everything. This is why I'm way better at cooking than baking. Next time I'll be more careful about adding more wet ingredients. 

They have oats, unsweetened coconut, ground flax, peanut butter, honey and mini chocolate chips. I also added hemp hearts and chia seeds would be a good addition as well!

They are then perfect bite size ball of sweetness to satisfy a craving. 

Have you ever heard of or used vanilla bean paste? I LOVE it. It is better then the best vanilla extract I've used. Read about it, use it, you'll be hooked. 1 tsp of extract = 1 tsp of paste. 1, 2-inch piece of vanilla bean = 1 tsp of paste

Essentially, when you cook with the extract most of the vanilla escapes with the alcohol. That's why you get the wonderful scent when baking with it. With the paste, it stays in the things you are cooking/baking so it won't smell quite the same when baking, but it will taste so much better. Recently, I used it to make a vanilla bean butter cream icing for C's birthday cake. It was SO good, and fun to see all the little black flecks of vanilla bean. 

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