Life Here

So here we are...
We arrived in Ladner Thursday late.
So thankful that everything went well at the border! 

We've unpacked the things we need and are settling in.
We're staying with my in-laws until our place comes available end of July.
So gracious of them!

It's such an odd feeling to describe.
Some ways it just feels like we're on break and will be heading back to P-town.
Yet on the other hand it's like we just slipped right back into our old life. But with a toddler in tow.

Speaking of her... She's been handling the transition fairly well. She's had a few behaviours, acting out, but okay. 
Yesterday she hugged my neck and said,
"Mommy, I wanna go home." Break my heart! She's asked a few times today too. 

She's also called Dave both Uncle Jordan and Uncle James and asked for her friends a few times too. Poor thing .

We're excited for the summer here. We have two camping trips planned, time at Sun Peaks and Spencer starts his 12th quarter working with at his future office! We'll movie to our own place and set up our new home. 

 Whitney and Claire watching the slow pitch game.
New camping chair and new pool!
                Off to church 

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  1. Love that last pic of Claire and Uncle Travis. Classic!


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