Highs, Lows and Things In Between

This weekend was beautiful!
In more ways then one...
The sun was shining and it was HOT,
my in-laws were in town,
and Claire got to experience a few new things.

On Friday Howard went his own way
and went to a few shops he had wanted to visit.
Spencer was at school for the afternoon,
so after having breakfast as a family each of us split up.
Diane, Claire and I headed downtown
for a bit of shopping/browsing and some fun in the fountains!

after colliding with another kid 
C-Bear ended up with a pretty bad skinned knee.
Although the tears were mostly a result
of her being afraid that the playtime was over.
After she was bandaged and kissed she was off
for more running through the water fountains.

Saturday morning Claire and I took the train 
and went to go and see Sesame Street Live: Can't Stop Singing.
She is obsessed with Sesame Street,
especially Elmo (also her word for elbow) and Abby.

It took her a good while to wrap her mind around
the fact that the characters were not in a TV screen.
Once it sunk in she was dancing and singing along
with MUCH enthusiasm.
She even got an Elmo balloon at the end.

 Claire and I on Sesame Street 

 Sunday morning 40 boxes were loaded into the back of Howard's truck.
Approximately 1/3 of our belongings are now in Canada.
Such a strange feeling.
The beginning of the end.
Our place feels less homey
now that the photos are off the walls.
We are left with only the things we will use in the next 
couple of months.
I can't believe that our time in Portland is coming to an end...
A beautiful weekend ending on a bitter sweet note
as we watching the truck pull away with our belongings.

 Project Manager

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