Hey Monday

What does your week hold?
Are Mondays hard for you?
Its a transition from having Dad around all day here.
We are usually pretty lazy in the morning.

Next weekend is pretty busy, 
so I'm going to try and take it easy this week.
We have a trip to Tar-jay,
MOPS tomorrow,
dinner out with friends on Friday night,
my sewing class Saturday
and that evening we're hosting an engagement party
for our dear friends!
I'm making this rhubarb cocktail!

This weekend
we had guests!
Saturday we were so pleased to be able to 
meet up with friends who were in town on a business trip.
It was a quick catch up,
but always so great to see them.
They hadn't seen Claire since she was a baby!

Saturday my parents also arrived.
They are on their way for a two week vacation
down the coast in their RV to southern California.
Camping, surfing, shopping...
They stopped here for a night on their way down,
and we'll see them on their way back up too.

We had so much to celebrate while they were here
and we managed to fit it all in!
Mother's Day as well as my mom's FIFTIETH birthday which is June 5
and Spencer's birthday that was a couple of weeks ago.

I can't wait to upload the pictures so I can share them with you.
But right now,
I am going to make myself a hot cup of jo,
sit in my PJs and watch some Curious George with my baby.
(Thankful to have a break from Elmo these days.)

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