Our Portland 'Family'

Moving down here,
I hate to admit it,
but my mentality was a bit of
"I have friends, I don't need more."
Looking back, I think I was trying to protect myself
from the disappointment if I didn't make any friends.
Or getting to attached to friends I did make and then having to say good bye.
Not that I am trying to psycho analyze myself.

It's true though,
I am blessed with some amazing friends
back home.
But now I see just that,
these friends I have made here did not replace the ones
I have at home
but they sure have added to my life here!

We have an embarrassment of riches
when it comes to friends here.
First came our school friends.
Spencer has an amazing, solid group of guys.
They are such great men, and so are their wives and girlfriends.
They feel like family. 
Michelle, Marissa and I all had baby girls together.
It has been so fun raising our babies,
supporting each other as wives to students and mommies in a 'foreign' land. 
I can't imagine doing any of this without them by my side.

Last week we went out for margaritas to celebrate Michelle's birthday.
It hit us then that the three of us had never been out together without 
our husbands and babies!
Sure we've done things as friends,
Michelle and I.
Marissa and I,
Michelle and Marissa.
BBQ's with out families, etc.
But not once just the three of us girls,
a few drinks and no families.

We have been there as each of our babies were just hours old.
Arms ready to hug and hold.
We've been there as we experienced morning sickness,
birth recovery,
lonely nights of the guys studying,
finals weeks,
and pedicures with Groupon coupons.
We've had impromptu dinners,
and planned celebrations.

We've brainstormed ways to cut down on heating costs,
eat out on a budget,
visited the zoo and changed the bums of each others babes.
What we've experienced together is unique.
We've become so close because we had to,
and because we realize the importance of supporting each other
in this new phase of doctorate school and becoming parents.

Playing in Lola's tunnel

feeding the ducks

what would i do without these girls?
Canadian Ladies with our American Babies

Our first Spring here - softball team
welcoming Lola

backyard BBQs at our place

 with baby Lola

the guys at the Christmas banquet

doting on Claire, just hours old

camping trip, Oregon Coast 2011

games nights at the Cervo's

Once I joined the moms group, MOPS
(thanks to Sharla's recommendation!)
it brought us to attend East Hill Four Square Church.
What an amazing and life changing experience it has been for us!
We have come to know authenticity in church community,
being open, vulnerable and honest with other parents of young children.
We have felt such freedom in worship
and the Holy Spirit moving in every service.
We have made great friends here.
I am so thankful for the series of events,
and people we met,
that brought us to East Hill and to our small group.
We have made an intimate connection with each couple.
They have influenced our marriage and our parenting.
We really do do life together.

husband and wife taking turns carrying the lovers

Watching the Bachelor every Monday at the Vorobets'

Sunday night life group (pink) vs. Thursday night life group (black) 

 Playing games

Claire's boyfriend James.
These two are seriously so cute together. 
Their first date

Girls Sunday brunch

Maybe now you can see that,
although we miss our Canadian friends and family dearly,
it is so difficult to leave these amazing men and women behind.
I am so thankful that the Lord brought each of them into our life.
Portland will be a piece of our life that we will never forget.
It is after all where we began our little family!

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  1. Im so grateful that you found these amazing friends! God really had your back eh?! Love you dear! xoxo


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