Chocolate Surprise Easter Eggs

A couple of weekends ago our friends' daughter said this about Easter:
 "You know lots of people think Easter is about plastic eggs and chocolate, but it is not..It's about Jesus!!! But mom, I still like the plastic eggs and chocolate!!!"
So cute, right?

We all know
(I hope)
that Easter isn't about chocolate,
the Easter Bunny and the hunt for eggs.
But she did have one thing right,
those things are still fun.

This year,
inspired by Pinterest,
I combined a few different tutorials and created
my own Easter eggs filled with chocolate.
It was fun to make,
a little time consuming and they looked so pretty!

Here is my step-by-step direction to make your own for next year!

1. Gather the number of eggs you'd like to have,
plus a couple extra in case some break during the process.

2. Take a pin, or another small sharp object, and pierce the bottom of the egg.

3. Jiggle it around to slowly create a larger hole.
It is not important for the opening to be pretty because in the end it will be covered.
So jagged edges are okay.

4. Once the hole is big enough, carefully shake the egg and empty it out.
If you were careful enough, you may be able to salvage the egg's insides and use them 
for an omelette.
Mine, however, had tiny shards of shell inside and wasn't worth keeping.

5. Let them dry, hole down
I left mine overnight, you don't have to.

6. Prepare the dye while your eggs are drying.
I used basic Kool-aid to dye mine.
I wasn't really into experimenting with anything fancy.

You will need:
-dye of your choice in any number colours
- bowls, mugs or cups to put them in
- straws or chopticks
- a vase or tall-ish container 

7. Mix your dyes.
It's much more fun to have a helper!

8. Remove the egg from the dye by using the straw/chopstick and putting it in the egg hole.
Empty the dye completely from within the egg or you will have a mess!
Stick it in the container to dry.

9. Once the eggs are dry, remove them from their posts.

For the next step you will need:

- mini paper cupcake liners

- white school glue

- small candy to fill the eggs

- little piece of paper that states "crack me open" 

10. Very carefully fill your egg with candy to the top of the hole,
but not sticking out of it.

11. Next put a small line of glue about a centimeter away from the edge of the hole.
Place the little paper on the edge so that it will poke up from the bottom of the egg.
Then place the paper cup on the bottom.

12. Place them in a muffin tin so they stand upright to dry.

13. Once they've dried completely place them in a dish or pretty basket to display.
No fear of rotten eggs!

Crack open and enjoy!

sources and ideas: not martha blog and marthastewart.com

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