How I Did

Last week I made a list and posted it on my blog.
It was to help keep my 'in check'

For the most part it worked,
as you can see,
I did not post photos on my blog.
It wasn't a priority but I deep cleaned almost every room 
in the house with the exception of the bathroom
(which I plan to do today)
and Claire's room 
(which I'll do next week.)

While deep cleaning we found mold.
I contacted the management immediately 
and had them come and take a look at it.
It was in two corners, closest to the outside.
I did a 'heeby jeeby' dance.
The maintenance went outside,
and sure enough,
the bozo who put the molding on the corners
of the outside walls put them on upside down.
It was basically holding all the rain.
Today or tomorrow it will all be repaired.
Meanwhile, the spot has been scrubbed with bleach water
many times, I couldn't scrub it enough.

While deep cleaning Claire went to play with friends.
I had the house to myself,
turned up the music and lost myself in my thoughts.
In true mom style, I think best while cleaning.
I had time to process moving.
I actually had to walk myself through it.
Michelle, you are going to put your belongings into boxes.
You are going to close those boxes and secure them with moving tape.
You are going to pack a truck, trailer and two cars.
You are going to say "So long" to your friends,
get in your car and drive to Canada.
You've done that part many times,
you can do it.
You will have a place to live,
and you will unpack and recreate a home in a new place.
You can do it.
Actually, that was my thought process.
It allowed me to accept the facts.
Helped me move forward.
And now,
we began conversations about what comes with us and what will go.
We have a kids swap in March,
a MOPS yard sale in April,
and my in-laws who are coming down April or May to 
bring up the first load of stuff.

Its coming too so fast.
In some ways I am just tapping the brakes on this whole thing.
And in some ways I don't want to draw it out,
I just want to go.
Good byes are too hard.
And the reality is for some of these people
it really will be a good bye and not a see ya later.

for the sake of my brother-in-law Travis,
I need to post photos.
I know he likes those blogs best.


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  1. I love that you think best when you are cleaning. You are SUCH a mom, but then, you have kind of always been like that! :) I was super thankful for it when we lived together! Did I ever thank you for cleaning so much?! Thank you! You are an amazing homemaker, whether in Oregon, Canada or wherever else life leads you! xoxo


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