Good Bye Long Week

Our week was good.
It really was.
But today I am so thankful its Friday.
We are still adjusting to this new schedule.
Spencer is spending a lot of time away from home.
Gone are the days of three hour lunch breaks.
We are so close to the end,
so we are doing our best to keep our tired heads held high
and our droopy eye lids open.

The days are long.
For both of us.
Claire and I are tired of each others company, 
and Spencer is done with school too.

Weekends are warmly welcomed.

Last weekend we did errands with friends,
then walked around the park.
It was cold, so we had to bundle up!

This photo is the perfect resemblance of M and C's relationship.
M looking at C wondering what the heck she's doing.
And C, well she just lives in the moment. 

Real babies are WAY better then dolls!

And piggy tails taste way better then pureed squash!

Every day Claire and I take 30 minutes or so to walk 
a couple hundred feet to the mail box and back.
We usually take a detour.
Claire is also cooed over by all the of the retirees
that live in our complex.
I think the admiration is a big motivator for her to get outside each day.
The grandparents always say they remember when their grandchildren were that age.

We snack, perfecting our fine motor skills.
Such concentration!

We attempt selfies.
(aka self portraits) 

We find ways to make the days pass.
MOPS, walks, tea with friends are all great ways.
I also find myself getting down on the floor 
and really playing with her more often.
We have days where we stay in our PJs almost all morning,
we Skype, we chase each other around on our hands and knees.

The days may be long,
but I am so, so blessed to be able to stay home with her.
The days would be a LOT longer knowing she was playing with someone else's mommy instead of me!

Here's to tenth quarter.
Here's to more sunshine in our days 
(and longer days!)
Here's to smiles,
wearing holes in our jeans,
cheeeeese smiles
and walks in the rain, snow and sunshine.

Happy Weekend to You!

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