Christmas Banquet

 Every year Spencer's school hosts a Christmas banquet.
We've never been able to go for some reason or another,
but this year we were excited that we were able to go and get our friends
the Nuno's to watch our C-Bear.
There was a live band,
beautiful decor and lots of photo shoots!

Here is a serious photo of Spencer with some of his school friends.
L-R: Jordan, Brian, James, Mike, Spence, Nate and Steve.
 And this is more accurate, being silly.

 In typical fashion, we were early.
We waited a few minutes in the car for some of our friends to show up!

Now its time for the girls to be silly. These are a few of the girls
I've met through Spencer's school. I am so blessed to have met these amazing women!
L-R: Kristin (wife of Nathan), Marissa (wife of Jordan), Alyx (girlfriend to Steve),
Rachel (wife to Mike -and a new mama to be!), 
Michelle (wife of Brian) and Melissa (girlfriend to James).

My Canadian girls with our American babies.
Michelle had Maddie 6 months after I had Claire, and Marissa had 
Lola 10 months after Claire was born. 
I am so blessed to have these girls who are in the same situation as I am:
raising babies and supporting our student husbands all while living in a foreign country.

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