Bad Blogger

Have you noticed?
Sometimes I am great at keeping my blog up to date,
then there are other most times I am terrible at it!
My apologies.
This blog is supposed to keep you
up to date on what's happening with us down here in Portland.
But it ends up being spurts of catch ups. 

We have some BIG news!
Spencer found out about a week and a half ago
that he is being transitioned from the on-campus clinic
he us currently working at,
to an off-campus clinic.
This is unofficially known as being "off-sited"
and is a super big deal.
Let me tell you why -

At the school campus clinic Spencer only
is able to treat faculty,
fellow students and their immediate families.
That is great, and still offers the hands on experience that he needs,
but generally speaking most of those people are in good health.
At the off-campus clinic he will be treating the paying public.
So basically people who have real issues that they really want fixed!
Spencer will be diagnosing, developing treatment plans
and putting the last years of schooling into action.

The thrill of seeing someone come in with something,
and eventually leave feeling well must be an amazing feeling for Spencer.
But let's remember to whom the glory goes to.
Spencer has spent hours upon hours
with his head in books,
hands in cadavers,
time in adjusting labs
in order to help people feel better.
But his hands are really tools of the ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ.
What an amazing way to glorify God!

With Spencer being transitioned 
it has increased our chances of him getting a 
which would allow us to be moving back to B.C. 
in June instead of September.
The chances are great, 
but still not a guarantee.
Please keep us in your prayers 
as we are thinking, preparing and planning for this transition.
It is going to be a big adjustment moving our family once again to a 
different (although not new) country,
settling our family and learning to live a life NOT as students!
(Did you know that Spencer has been in school since we met in 2004?!)

Needless to say I am sure,
we are really excited to be close to our friends and family in B.C.
 we have really come to love Portland,
our church family, and our friends we've made here.
The school is such an interesting community to be part of,
and I am going to miss certain aspects of it.
We love our church,
our small group
and the MOPS I am apart of there.
We've been blessed with amazing friendships
and it is really hard for me to imagine mothering without 
their nuggets of wisdom, advise and support.

Here's to blogging more often...


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