Sleep When Baby Sleeps/Currently

This morning I should be following this advise,
considering Claire (and I) were up at 5 a.m.
Instead I am sitting here reading blogs,
going on Pinterest and listening to my tummy growl.
Inspired (challenged?) by Tanis' blog Currently,
I am going to do my own!
Here goes...

Obsessing over: 

Trader Joe's Ginger Molasses Cookies. They are so gingery and go perfect with a cup of tea. I am still trying to eat clean, but twice so far I have made an exception for these and not once regretted it. 

photo via traderjoes.com

Working on:
unloading the dishwasher. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Lately, it feels like every time I tidy up it takes about 15 minutes for my little monster to come along and untidy it all in about 5 seconds. So unloading and loading the dishwasher is something I can do that contributes to a clean up that she can't undo (yet).

Thinking about:
moving home. The logistics of it. Where will we live? Will I have a baby bump? When will it be? How do I live as a wife of a career man? (He's been a student the entire time we've been together.) It's still a long ways off, but the end is in sight. Crazy.

Christmas! I LOVE this time of year. September 1st to January 1st. Coloured leaves, pumpkin-everything, peppermint-everything, festivities, warm scarves and coats, yummy smells (I love candles too Tanis, especially cinnamon-y, spicey, pumpkin-y ones!) This year Claire is old enough to participate in Christmas activities. I am excited to take her to Zoolights, bake cookies, use her advent calendar. I have all kinds of things up my sleeve! 

Listening to:
It is such a FUN song. Claire and I dance to it often. She rocks back and forth, spins around and laughs and laughs and laughs. 

Clean. (Except for those cookies!) It is a difficult adjustment. There are times we fall off the wagon and cave to cravings, or convenience. But we aren't hardcore into it. We are just stepping back, and taking a real look at what we are putting into our bodies. Even if we think its healthy, we are just trying to eat things that come in its original form as much as possible. 

That I could take my little family and we could escape to a secret place for a few days. Where its just us, nothing school related and just enjoy being together. Have dance parties, watch movies, play games, cuddle under blankets and listen to music. 

The rain! I want to take Claire trick or treating. Normally I really don't mind the rain. It doesn't bother me too badly, but I just want it to hold off for a couple of hours this evening. 

Laughing at:
This picture.
Photo credit thanks to Michelle Cervo Photography

Michelle and I took the babes outside so she could take a couple photos of them in their costumes. Of course my babe just couldn't sit there and smile at the camera. She loves the rain, so she ran in the rain while Michelle snapped a coupe photos. She got wet, and looked a little disheveled, but she had a bit of fun. 

There you have it...my currently. 

Happy Halloween!

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  1. So awesome Michelle!!!! Yes, the candles I have been burning are all cinnamon-apple ... mmm, so delish!!! And we're trying to "eat clean" as well... not hard core, but just doing better than what we were eating before. So far, I've felt a lot better! Your little girl is so sweet in her costume :)

    Ps. love the sweater you are wearing in your blog header - where's it from? I wanna copy you! :)


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