Family Photos

A couple of weeks ago, 
when the trees on our street
still boasted their vibrant yellow leaves,
we had some family photos taken.

Originally I had just asked Michelle
if she had a tripod I could borrow.
They too, have been battling sickness in their house,
and not wanting to bother her to take pictures for us,
I thought I'd just attempt to set up the tripod.
Her response,
"Don't be stupid."
And out she came with her beautiful camera and mad skills.

Here are some of the pictures
she took.
(The rest are on the Christmas card,
so I don't want to ruin the fun!)


  1. Michelle C. is a great photographer, but really if you are working with such a beautiful family how much skill do you need?

  2. I love them!! And michelle, you are SO beautiful! Seriously, a total knock out!

  3. I can't even imagine what the photos on the Christmas card look like if these are as gorgeous as they are. You look absolutely gorgeous and you have such an incredibly beautiful little family! Miss you!!

  4. You guys are soooo adorable and beautiful!!!

  5. beautiful. You girls are just so yummy.


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