Our TV

We all have our favourite TV shows.
And for some of us, 
the cast members of those shows
can feel like family, in a weird sort of way.

Some of our favourite shows 
are played on NBC 
like Parenthood and the Office.
Sadly, the Office is ending after this season.
I think it was inevitable after Steve Carrel left. 

Over the summer Spencer and I started
watching Parenthood on Netflix and got caught up in time 
for the newest season.
Tonight is the second show,
and let me tell you, 
it is so frustrating watching it on regular TV.
I so badly just want to hit 'play' and watch the next episode
(or two. I will never admit how many episodes we watched in a row!)

{ What TV shows do you never miss?}
Also on our list is Modern Family and Up All Night.

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