Playing Catch Up

I really hate playing catch up.
But like I posted before,
the weather has been way too nice to sit
in front of a screen.
The only reason I am here now is because
I don't want to get too far behind,
 and my husband is busy saving the world from what I don't know.
(Translation: Playing Call of Duty on his PS3)

Michelle  lent me her Canon Rebel,
so I have been having so much fun playing with it.
I feel like I am really getting the hang of
shutter speeds, f-stop and ISO. 
There is nothing more boring to me 
- correction -
there are few things more boring to me
then sitting down and reading a manual.
I like to learn hands on.

To catch you up on what's been happening this past month, I will let the photos do the talking
with some captions...
We are going way back now, so please be patient.

Before we headed up to Canada,
my parents came by for a couple of nights on their vacation.
It was so nice to have them here before all the craziness of visiting began at home.

We spent the day with my grandma, aunts, uncle and cousins.
Some of them were missing, and we missed you.
Claire loves hanging out with older kids and had a blast playing with them.
(Today is Sophie's THIRD birthday, pictured with Claire below. Happy birthday Sophie!)

We also hung out with our friends.
Claire in the arms of Auntie Jessi.

After spending some time in Abbotsford
we drove to Kamloops to visit with Tyler and Lorna 
(and Logan.)

The next day we went up to Sun Peaks. It had been since Christmas,
and it felt so good to relax there. It was just the three of us and Diane.
By the end of our time there Claire was saying "Nana".

We spent time in Ladner. 
Visited our home church, and were able to catch up on visiting family,
including Spencer's aunt and uncle whom we hadn't seen since Papa's funeral.

Date night in Steveston. Seafood for Spencer, wine for me, a walk along the pier breathing in salty air.
Ah, it feels good to be 'home'
(The word home holds true to several locations these days.)

Visiting the Thiessens. Charlie and Claire are just a few days apart. So fun to see them together.
Making friends, again, with Maya.

Sharing a cupcake with Uncle Matt.

After returning from Canada,
 we celebrated the Fourth of July with our small group.
I knew the moms in it from going to MOPS the last year and a bit,
but Spencer did not.
And neither of us knew their husbands.
It felt good to meet them,
hang out and be plugged in to our church community on a personal level.

Camping at Timothy Lake.
A view of Mount Hood in the background.

We spend our days mostly with Michelle and Maddie, Marissa and Lola.

These kisses, I can't get enough of them! 
I love how her face gets all smushed, and she really puckers her lips up.

We spend a fair amount of time by the pool.
We are so blessed to have this amenity in our backyard!

Lola can sleep, drool and spit up on my couch anytime.

On Thursday we spent our evening on a farm watching a concert and having a picnic with our small group.
We had so much fun with the other families just hanging out,
going on tractor rides,
picking cherries and soaking in the sunshine.

Claire got to go to her boyfriends house and swim in his pool.

Friday night we celebrated Lola.
We had a BBQ with all her friends.
We are so blessed to have such a nice back yard with a patio, 
a big green space with some nice shade from the trees.
We love hosting get togethers at our place!

We also celebrated James' 24th birthday.

Claire got part of her gift early.
We have had this swing for three days now and we all get so much enjoyment from it!

Family photo before heading out with the MacIntyre's Saturday night.

Spencer bought our family an iPad.
He uses it mostly for school and in the clinic,
but we are having fun with it at home too.
Here Claire is using an animal sounds app.
Thanks to it she can now roar like a bear!

We started doing family dinners on Mondays with the Cervo's and the Anderson's.
The Anderson's have two girls 2 and 9 months.
Here Claire is with Payton.

Claire pushing Maddie in her swing.

We both agreed that it was our most relaxing break so far.
It set us up for a really great first week at school.
Spencer comes home exhausted at the end of each day,
so I am so thankful for the time we had to reconnect.
I hope that this super long blog post sufficed.
In the future, I hope to not fall so far behind.
But can you blame me with all this nice weather?!

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