A Very First Father's Day

It is so amazing to watch your husband as a father.
Her little hand in his.
Her giggles when he tickles her.
 The excitement in her eyes when she sees Dadada walk through the door after school.

The other day Claire and I were in my bedroom
and she saw the photo of her and Spencer on my bedside table.
She looked at it and with a big grin said, "Hi Dadada!"
Made my heart melt, and so did Spencer's when I told him.

The relationship between a father and his daughter is extremely important.
Can I appropriately express the responsibility fathers have to their daughters?
If she feels full of your love, and you as a father tell her of her Father's love,
she will not need to seek elsewhere for it.
I know this because my own father did an amazing job of this.
Not once did I feel the need to hear "I love you" from any other man.
Grandpa's, I feel you also have an incredible responsibility to your granddaughters.
Tell them how good they smell,
how pretty they are, how funny and sweet.
Tell them what you dream for them,
and share your life with them.
Grandpa's hold a special place in a little girl's heart.
This I also know first hand.

Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband. 
I love watching you raise Claire.
You have done an amazing job with her.
It melts my heart into a big teary puddle watching you hold her,
and the way she looks up at you.

Happy Father's Day to my amazing father who invested so much in me.
I love you and will always be your little girl.
And Happy Father's Day to Howard,
you raised an incredible son for me. 
Thank you.


  1. wow emotional. loved this post xx

  2. precious, to read your words of love and to watch our boy become your husband and Claire's daddy.


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