You'd Think She'd Be Sick of Them But...

I think it is safe to say that our girl loves Cheerios!
{I love how expressive she is about it!}

 "oh yeah, that's what I needed."
 "Got anymore of these? I'll trade you one stinky diaper."
 "I'm not jokin' woman!"
 "Okay ya I am. I'll trade you one kiss for some more."

 "Finger lickin' good."

{Can you come up with a caption for your favourite photo?}


  1. Oh man, how I love her! Shes so funny and expressive (uncle Ty anyone?!) I love that she shoves her WHOLE hand in her mouth, just to put 1 cheerio in! Awesome!
    love love love!

  2. I love the one with the cheerios hanging onto the ends of her fingers and her hand held in a stop position. The caption may read "Just saving them for later" or "hey stop eating my cheerios I'm counting them" or "make Nana stop singing to me please Mom it's spoiling my appetite"


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