Hello Monday

Hello Monday
(idea I totally borrowed from Lisa Leonard's blog)

Hello early riser.
Sun day, sun dress.

 Hello fresh fruit and veggies from my favourite produce store.

 Hello little garden in the early morning sun.

Hello little table and chairs I picked up from a garage sale.
Boy, do I have big plans for you! 

(Thank you Pinterest for another recipe.)

Hello getting some items together to send to our friends in Israel! 

Hello interesting school project...
(and two of my favourite things, coffee and cinnamon.
Just don't put them together, right Tyler?!) 

Hello benefits of having a neighbour with a great MAC discount! 

Hello MESSY eater.
(At what age do they pick up after themselves? Oh, 25?)

Hello homeopathic teething tablets...

Hello warm evening read on the patio
(summer is on its way!) 

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