Been A Long Time

It has been a very long time
since I've blogged.
Much as happened in the last seventeen days
and soon I hope to get around to tell you a bit about
what we did to fill them up.

For now though,
let me get back into my groove.
Catch up on laundry,
enjoy my own bed,
and adjust to living my life out of a closet,
instead of a suitcase.

Besides vacationing we have 
a little bambino here who has yet to crawl.
I am in no hurry either.
She just turned eight months and just two days
after her first tooth broke through! Yay!
She is doing well standing while using one hand to hold onto
one of us, or a table or chair.
She is chatty and is still the life of the party.
Did I mention she is on a sugar overload?
Someone (ahem, ahem) was feeding her ice cream,
and another was sharing his custard in Mexico!
Not to mention a cookie or two to keep her settled during dinner...
That's okay, we were on a holiday.

Until I get my photos organized,

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  1. Missed you! Can't wait for the updates to start rolling in :)


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