when my baby falls asleep in my arms
I don't want to put her away in her crib.
I want to have her tucked in right under by cheek.
I love the smell of the milk on her breath
mixed with the smell of the fabric softener on her blanket.

Her warm breath tickles my neck in sweet rhythms.
Her sweaty head making my skin itch.
I just sit and feel her in my arms.
I don't ever want to forget this,
the feel of her.
And her smell.

Can you believe she is already
getting to big to sit in a little ball 
in my arms like she used to? 
She just sprawls from my shoulder to my knee.
These moments are fleeting.

Do you think she will nap on my chest when she is 10?
Or 17?
 Or 22? 
Or 26 when she has her own baby to nap with?
Oh, now I want to nap on my mom.
I wonder how that would work...

Cuddled and cozy,

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