I remember the day so well.
If I close my eyes, I can transport myself back there.
That week Spencer had asked me what I'd like
to do that weekend.
We planned to go on a picnic
to Harrison Hot Springs that Friday.

Well when the day came,
I packed us up a picnic -
Iced tea, sandwiches and potato salad.
We headed east.

Along the way Spencer suggested
why don't we visit Camp Kawkawa?
We hadn't been in a while,
and that was where we met.

 I remember that Spencer wolfed down his sandwich
and didn't touch the potato salad.
I thought to myself, "What's the rush? Geesh!"
He suggested we walk out on the the dock.
I wanted to finish my lunch.
He convinced me to finish it later...

The lake had a layer of ice on it. 
It cracked and crunched as we walked out onto the dock.
There was a low cloud over the public beach...
It was kind of eery and very romantic.

I wanted to take pictures,
Spencer seemed on edge.
I was kind of in my own world.
I love being there,
the fresh air,
the mountains so close.
It feels peaceful, nostalgic.

Our conversation was light,
We were both kind of taking in our surroundings.
Well, at least I was.
I think Spencer had a lot on his mind.

Spencer asked me a few questions
and I remember thinking it was funny.
It went from being a light conversation,
right into a deep one.
I told him how my whole life
I just wanted to be a wife and a mom.
{Still true today.}
That I was looking forward to our future together.

Then he got down on one knee.
He completely took me by surprise.
He asked if I would be his wife,
of course I said yes.
The moment was so wonderful.
It was quiet,
it was peaceful and so full of joy.
I remember we hugged and kissed
and I was so excited I was jumping up and down.
It was one of those moments that 
I always thought I would cry.
But I just couldn't - I was too excited.
He quickly transformed from
the best boyfriend in the whole world,
to my fiance.

On that day,
if you would have asked me 
if I would be where I am today,
I think I could have gotten part of it right.
The Portland bit?
Probably not.
The chiropractic part?
Not likely.
The Mama and Dada role?
Yeah, I think I would have guessed that.

But never did I know just how good my life would be.
We went from a couple who fell in love one summer,
to a family of two,
and now a family of three with an American Girl.

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