"You Is Smart, You Is Kind, You Is Important"

This afternoon I read an article
by Joanna Goddard on her blog, A Cup of Jo
It was about making your kids feel loved.
She spoke of one mom who would
spends five minutes each morning
spreading Mommy Love over them.
I loved this idea, and I think it is a fun way
to make each child feel important.
She started with the toes 
and worked all the way to a kiss on the head
filling them with Mommy Love.
Then she would 'crack' a Mommy Love egg
on their heads to let it run down over them.
{Do you remember using hands to 
tap, tap, tap and crack an egg on someone's head?}

My parents were always so good about 
night time routines, tucking my brother and I into bed and saying prayers.
We would spend a few moments talking before bed.
These few moments I loved,
debriefing the day.
I still do this before bed.
All of the random questions I have come out
right before I fall asleep.
It drives Spencer crazy.
{Maybe because half the time they don't make any sense.
But I honestly don't expect him to have the answers most of the time!}

Another thing my parents did well
was take such good care of us when we were sick.
Knowing that I had such good care takers took
the edge off of being ill.
Room service of dry toast,
hot packs and cozy blankets.
It felt so good to be taken care of.
One of my favourite things was having my head, 
feet and/or back rubbed. 
I loved the feeling of their fingers tracing the lines of my face.
There are still times that I wish I had my parents there to do 
that for me when I am sick. 

What did your parents do for you that made you feel loved?

{ Spencer encouraging Claire to crawl. }

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