Growing up we were taught to say,
"Thank goodness it's Friday."
But today I am truely saying,
"Thank GOD it is Friday."

It has been one of those weeks,
The ceiling in the bathroom is leaking,
and the maintenance men have neglected to
fix it OR patch the big hole.
So every time I get that 30 seconds to 
sit down and breathe (oh, and pee too)
I feel like the upstairs neighbours can peer in on me.
They can't,
but that's how I feel.

We are all adjusting 
to Spencer being back at school.
The hours the quarter are the same as last
but for some reason they way it is layed out
makes the days feel much longer.
He is exhausted,
we miss Dada.
It has made for a long couple of weeks.

If you remember, 
one of my resolutions this year was to loose
15 pounds before our trip.
That was going so well.
I was getting workouts in 5 days a week,
eating well and feeling great.
I was seeing and feeling results.
Then yesterday,
I slipped into 'emotional eating'.
So I grabbed myself a bowl of potato chips.
Yes, not a big bowl,
but my first mistake was bringing them into the house!
Salty savoury snacks are my downfall.
Afterwards I felt so disappointed with myself
and I felt so gross...it was not worth it.
Hey, I am just being honest here.

Thursday morning Claire woke up
waaaaay too early.
She was ready to play.
This made me feel tired all day,
despite a two hour nap.
Last night she woke up 
every hour and a half.
Le sigh

I am ready for my husband to be home.
I am ready for my mom to get here.
I am ready to sleep 8 hours straight.
And I am ready for the dishes to do themselves.

{And then I spot this teeny tiny hand print on the mirror
and it melts my heart.
I may never clean this mirror.}

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  1. We also love Fridays! As C says, "Tomorrow Daddy will be home from sleep-up to sleep down!"


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