January Blah's

Normally January brings me a birthday,
then a kick in the pants.
I am a victim to the January Blah's.
Not to mention February.
I cling to Valentine's Day
to add a little red glitter and pink roses
in my grey winter days.

Once the Christmas tree was put away,
I began to dread the dark, dreary, rainy days ahead.
A month and a half until Valentine's Day.
A weekend away sometime in between 
{thanks Mom and Dad!}.
Let's just push through until March
when signs of Spring start to appear.

Two weeks into January
and the Blah's have yet to hit.
A nice change.
Perhaps its the waiting for Baby Maddie to arrive
that make the days a little brighter.
Or our own baby that lightens up the mood.
It could be our upcoming trip,
or my new motivation to health and fitness.

Last night Brian and Michelle babysat.
It felt so good to go out
with Ty and Lo,
eat, drink and be merry.
We went to a cool venue
called the Grain and Gristle.
Ordered drinks and appies
and visited for a couple hours.
Although we weren't celebrating
a Broncos win,
we had so much more to celebrate.
Tyler and I had our birthdays 
(mine the 4th, his the 12th),
and a big CHEERS to a great year that has passed.

Afterwards as I lay in bed nursing my baby,
I couldn't help but feel the complete opposite 
of the January Blah's.
My husband and baby beside me, 
a successful date night,
friends who babysit.
We have our health,
we have education,
we have amazing family and friends.

Today we said good bye to our company
and it was just the three of us again.
Walking into the kitchen to make lunch,
a few remnants of our evening remained.
Leftover guacamole, tortilla chip crumbs,
the smell of garlic-y bruschetta.
All signs of an evening of game watching with friends,
laughter and conversation.

This year for some reason more then any other year,
I am overwhelmed with happiness of the life we have.
We are so incredibly blessed.
I just Tebowed in thanks. 

{Sunday Football Nap}

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