My Girl

Yup, she's got Playdate Potential!
 Showing off her Favorite Things diaper, made by Leslie.
 Taking a snack break on the drive up to Canada.
{I love her face in this photo!}
 Our happy little traveler!

 Matching shoes for Mama and Baby! So fun having a girl!

This beginning of this month marked Claire's 4 month birthday.
4 months, I can hardly believe it! 
She has been to Canada twice already in her short little life.
She is so happy and has the best, gummiest smile.
She is giggly, talks non-stop,
loves putting her fingers, toes (and really anything) in her mouth.
We are waiting for that tooth to pop through,
and in the mean time she is drooling like crazy!
She still loves bath time, still looooves being outside,
loves watching sports with Dada
and still does not like to miss out on anything.

Adding to her growing world
are Christmas lights,
toys that make sounds,
her exersaucer and is learning to use her Jolly Jumper.
She enjoys reading books,
her currant favourite is God Made Me.

She is definitely getting interested in food.
Her eyes following our every bite.
She notices glasses of juice/beer/water/milk
and will gladly gum your cold glass if you'll let her!
We are not giving her any food until she is 6 months old.
However every once in a while we will take the tiniest bit
of sauce/juice on the tip of our finger and let her suck it off.
Watching her facial expressions as she experiences the ever so
slight taste of something new is great.

I remember last Christmas sitting around with 
our families dreaming of what next Christmas would be like with a baby.
And now, that time has come! 
It will be fun to teach her about the
story of Christmas. 
Read her the passages from Luke
that talk about the angels, 
the manger scene,
and the miraculous arrival of our Lord and King.
Establishing Christmas traditions right from an early age,
that I hope will always bring light to those facts.

What a blast these past 4 months have been!

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