Will Power

My new goal : no eating junk food for the month of November.

Okay, so it actually started October 26 but then
Marissa brought over these amazing chocolate chip cookies
{I usually am not a big baking girl. I like to do it, I'd just rather have some chips over cakes or cookies.}
She said her secret was that she added too much sugar.
Well after two days of no junk food,
I completely lost my will power at ate four.

So I started over,
this time making it an entire month instead of three weeks.
The junk food includes items such as
biscuits/cookies, cakes, chips, soda, chocolate,
 candy,donuts,fast food, ice cream, Nutella or other naughty spreads.

It is day 4 and I am really hankering for a caramel sundae.
Yes, at 10 in the morning.
I don't have an addiction to junk food,
and I'd like to think my overall diet is okay.
But I know it could be better.
We will see just how strong my will power is,
and how grumpy I get! 
I am interested to see how different I feel at the end of November,
and whether or not I am even craving any of the items after over 30 days.

Wish me luck!

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  1. You go Michelle. You will be able to do it I'm sure of that.


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