Trunk or Treat

Down the street from our house
a church held a Halloween party.
It is called Trunk or Treat.
Have you ever heard of this concept?
Cars/vans/trucks pull into the parking spaces
and open up their trunks and decorate them.
Then the kids come around 
and trick or treat out of the trunks.
So fun!

This makes it safe for the kids as well
because then you know that the candy has not 
been tampered with.
You can also hand out some baking as well if you wish
and parents don't have to worry.

We walked there
as we were not planning on giving or receiving candy
because Claire is just 3 months old.
We all know who would be eating it.
We dressed up Claire up as a little lady bug. 
So cute!

There was a chili lunch to kick it off,
then the kids did their thing.
There were quite a few people
from Spencer's school
and our complex.
So we knew a few people there.

{Claire and her little friend Nate. Born just 5 days apart.}
{Cutest pirate I have ever seen! A.J. is the sweetest little boy.}

{baby Nate}
 {baby Claire}
 { oh Nate & Michelle are in the trunk. I'll take those treats!}

 {sweet little bug}

 {trunk or treating}
 {This is Camden who lives kitty corner to us. Such a sweet little train engineer!}
 {I couldn't get a better photo. This is Luke, a little mummy!}
{Mama Potter & baby Potter! Even dad was a Potter. I think this family wins best costume!}


  1. What a great, safe idea!!! Love it!

  2. i have gotten rather behind on reading your blogs. just not possible for me to daily check them here in Haiti. BUT it was JUST want i needed today! thank you for the time and effort you put into them! i love seeing your beautiful little girl, and having a part in your life through your photos and words.

    love you!


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