Oh My.

Yes, I am still droning on about what
a big girl Claire is becoming.
Today I picked Claire up & I swear
she gained 5 lbs! 
Okay, not really. 
But she does feel heavier.
I notice this especially while nursing.

Today she rolled over about 75% of the way!
In September she did the roll onto her side.
And today she made it just a bit further!
What the heck? 
Is this normal for a 12 week old baby?
I feel like its early.
If she could have figured out to pull her arm from under her
she would have been right over on to her stomach! 

She also can use her chubby little legs
to scoot around in a full circle.
Yes folks, a full 360' all the way around.
I am impressed.
In the womb,
everyone always commented how 
much she moved.
It seems out of the womb she didn't stop.

Man, I love this little girl!

{In Mama's bed yesterday, talking to Grandma on the phone.}

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