Multnomah Falls

Yesterday we went for
an adventure to the Multnomah Falls.
I was a bit ambitious with the fall wear,
as I was excited to get outside in the fresh, crisp air.
It was about 16 degrees outside,
but since our apartment happened to be covered with
dark clouds I thought it would be the 
perfect excuse for mittens and scarves.
I quickly peeled off my layers (& Claire's)
to match the others who were wearing t-shirts.

We admired the falls from down below.
How majestic it is to see the water falling from so high,
feeling the mist on our faces.
We decided to go up to the bridge to take a closer look.
After seeing that the very top was only a mile away
(I am Canadian and have to say I am rather naive when
it comes to some forms of American (Imperial) measurements.)
so I suggested to go up to the top to get a better look.

The walk/hike is roughly paved 
and was alright for the stroller.
A good walk for various levels of fitness
and we even saw a woman wearing heels 
(this is not reccomended!)
There were plenty of switchbacks,
steep climbs and gorgeous views along the way.
Some places were a little narrow
with a steep edge that gave both Spencer and I some sweats.
Thankfully Spencer was pushing Claire and had a good grip!

Miss Claire loves to be outside,
so this outing brought her great enjoyment it seemed.
She was babbling the whole way
and had plenty of admirers as well.
She squawked a few times,
but just when we would stop for a break
(c'mon Claire give your dad a break. He was pushing you!)
or when she needed some dinner.

The heights were a little nauseating at times
but the the view of the Gorge from the top was gorgeous. 
We were so thankful for a sunny day to get out.
It felt so good!

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  1. Love the picture what a great Saturday afternoon activity. a mile up is a pretty steep walk. Claire looks like she loved it.


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