Just a General Catch Up

...and asking for some advise.

Claire is nearing THREE MONTHS OLD.
What the heck?
Where did this quarter of a year go? 
She just had her twelve week "birthday" this past Sunday.
It's hard so believe that twelve weeks ago tomorrow,
we were bringing our baby home from the hospital.

So much has changed since then.
She started off being an easy baby,
then a not so easy baby,
and is slowly easing back to being easy-ish again.
For a while she would rarely nap.
This made it hard to get anything done during the day,
but I didn't mind because it meant I slept very well at night!

Now she is starting to nap a bit more throughout the day.
Although it is rarely more then 30-40 minutes
and usually is less then that about twice a day.
She still eats all the time.
Usually about 2, to 2 1/2 hours between feedings.
All of these things are approximate. 
Each day is new and it changes.
She is not a "by the book" baby whatsoever. 

She is generally pretty happy!
But, like any of us girls, she can go from smiling and giggling
to crying in seconds.
Oh, and then we're laughing again.
The things that made her laugh yesterday,
will make her cry today.

Generally speaking,
she doesn't like to be held in the cradle position.
She likes to be up and looking at the world.
If Spencer is holding her, she is facing out.
If I am holding her, she is on my shoulder.
And if you are holding her...
well who really knows.

She is still SO alert.
Her big peepers looking around,
taking it all in.
She loves the outside.
She is crying inside and almost 
immediately of stepping outside she will stop.
She loves to look out the windows too.
Maybe she will be an outdoors girl like her Grandpa and Uncle Tyler.

Her cries are getting louder,
more high pitched,
and they demand more attention.
I am getting used to it somewhat,
but she can still make me cry when she gets worked into a tizzy.
Particularly when she is in the car/car seat.
I used to think it was the car seat,
then the car.
And now I am not quite sure which one it is she hates so much.
Really, it maybe just be the fact that she's strapped in.
I'd hate that too!

She is standing with assistance. 
Sitting with little assistance.
She is STRONG but her balance is just a little off.
Last week she sat up
on her own for just a few seconds before falling over to the side.
She can stand on her own while holding into your finger with one hand.
Is this normal?! 
I would not be surprised if she was sitting on her own by Christmas.

Some of her favourite toys are her
teething rings,
her sensory elephant,
her Bumbo for about 10 minutes,
her play mat for about 10 minutes,
her jingly frog, and thanks to the Wilcox's 
her new favorite is her exersaucer!
She has a blanket wrapped around her middle,
but she likes to look at the toys on it. 
She will last about 5 minutes,
then I turn her to look at the new area of toys
for another 5 minutes and then she's about done.

She Skype's almost everyday with either or both sets of grandparents.
She goes for walks almost daily,
and watches Gilmore Girls with Mommy.
Claire may just think we are Skyping with more family!
The Gilmore's do feel a little like family. ;)

Well, I should go.
Claire is crying in her crib.
That brings me to the piece of advise I need:
At 12 weeks how long would you let them cry before going in to get them?
I try about 5 minutes sometimes (depending on the cry) to see if she will just fall asleep.
Doesn't usually work.


  1. I think 5 minutes is good. I tend to think that it's not SO much about HOW LONG you're letting them cry for as much as it's about giving them that window of time to try to soothe themselves and then coming in to "rescue" them and eventually they start to learn that it's okay and Mom will always come back in eventually. And yes, it does definitely depend on the cry. I also used to let my kids just sit there and chatter away for a while longer if they happened to wake up chattering :o) You're doing a great job, Michelle, you really are SUCH a natural! I'm looking forward to our next coffee date however far away it may be. Guess it depends on this baby's arrival!

  2. honestly i wouldn't let her cry. i'm expecting my third and i know it can be hard. but honestly there is a lot of proof out there that crying it out does harm. the 2 biggest i have observed are 1. if you go in after theyve been crying for awhile you teach them to cry longer because they know you will give in. (now i'm not talking about a minute or two while you quickly finish using the bathroom or something silly), but i'm talking about leaving them hoping they'll stop. 2. if you do hard core cry it out you damage their emotional health/psyche and worse create an improper bond/attachment leading to tons of issues later. i would just implore you to look into it. there is lots of great info.


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