What We've Been Up To

We've been adjusting to life with baby,
and it starting to begin to feel normal having her around.
Once in a while we still look over at her
and think,
"Wow, she's actually here!"
All that waiting is over.

We have had fun introducing her to some of our favourite things/people.
Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes,
and Fantasy Football.

Here she is with Spencer, picking players for his fantasy team.
I think this gives you an unfair advantage Spence!

Our friend James brought over this guy the other night.
You bet.
Just another night at the Smids.

 We OFFICIALLY became parents
last Friday when we purchased a wagon.
With allll the stuff we brought up last December,
we figured with our frequent trips to Canada,
and an extra person,
we need the extra room.

 Dave and Whitney came to Portland this past long weekend.
They fell in love with their pseudo-niece.
Come on guys, time to join the club!
I know you wanna wagon!

Enjoying the time in the sun with friends and family.
And evidence that I was there doing more then feeding baby.

The lovely couple. 

Friends Mari and Drew took the train from Seattle to Portland.
They were antiquing/vintage shopping in Hawthorne
so we thought we'd meet them and show them our new favourite restaraunt
 Gorgeous girls!

That's been our last few days.
full of friends
popping by and coming to visit.
A whole lot of sitting by our air conditioner
(thanks James!),
playing games,
Skyping and 
staring at our baby girl.

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