In Canada Week 1

Last weekend my parents came down to Portland
to pick up Claire and I to take us back "home"
(Canada) for Spencer's finals week.

We had a busy week visiting friends and family.
But my parents also got some good time to visit with Claire.

 5 generations of women -
Great Great Grandma Winn,
Great Grandma Sandy,
Grandma Teresa, Claire and myself.

My second cousin Marla's little girl Marissa,
7 months old.
We had a girls luncheon at my great aunt's house,
15 girls and one little boy.
There were 3 baby girls there! 
 The "Fab Four" girls together again! 
Now with a fifth one added!
Angela, Jessi, Claire, Edol and I.
 Uncle Matt had some cuddles,
 and Auntie Lauren did, too.
 We had a visit to the pumpkin patch.
There were some BIG pumpkins!
 Claire didn't seem to like the fall festivities as much as her mom.
 Bartlett pears just waiting to be picked and made into something yummy!
 Jonagold apples, not quite ready yet.
 Showing Claire my favourite late summer activity.
Cruising the Christmas aisles at Costco!
The Christmas brainwashing has begun.
 Claire meets her second cousins Ethan 
and Sophie! 
Claire meets Great Grandma Eileen. 
 and her great, great, great Aunt Edith. 
 First night at Nana and Papa's 
and her first time sleeping in a "big girl" play pen.

This morning we returned to our home church TAC
to dedicate Claire.
We promised to teach Claire about Jesus' love and grace
and our families and church family promised to help us 
and to pray for her.

Nana and Claire have a heart to heart.
I have a feeling it went something like
"Jesus loves you Claire"
because her Nana is so good at reminding her of that. 

We are here for two more weeks and are busy visiting
and introducing.
So stay tuned for some more photos of Claire's Canadian Adventures!

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